The Lake House Blog

A long wooden divider cluttered with antiques and wine bottles separating a seating area from a bar area in a restaurant, a doorway in the wall behind leading into the black-and-white-tile floored kitchen, a row of two-seat wooden tables with decorative glass lampshades set in front of the divider
A chef wearing sharply pressed blue denim jeans beneath his white chef jacket, arms crossed as he stands on a foam grill placed over the white-and-black tile floor of an industrial kitchen, a row of ovens behind him, metal ladels hanging from the ceiling around his head

Executive Chef Michael Gregory lives for the creative innovation he puts into all of his personally designed dishes and for the personal connection with the customers who come to enjoy them.

Lunch with the Chef specials run each Wednesday at the Lake House, from 11:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Come out for the Chef’s expert choice for the soup and sandwich of the day, the quiche of the day, or his new roast beef sandwich special, and he will wait on you himself.

Chef Michael says that the way he serves customers at the Lake House is different from the way other restaurants operate, because the Lake House is small enough to have a personal atmosphere and is run by a friendly group of people. Chef Michael is able to customize dishes to fit customer’s dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free versions.

We’re fortunate to have an award winning member of the Resort Food Executive Committee on staff at the Lake House, and we’re sure you’ll love his celebrated specials and his personal and professional service during Lunch with the Chef Wednesdays.