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A green lawn and a distant lake beyond, with some trees and objects partially visible through the wooden boards of an exterior staircase, the structure leaving an opening shaped like a right triangle through which the scene is viewed
A family of five walking on a leaf-covered trail through the woods, the parents in the background and the children in front of them leading a dog

When you think of Cooperstown, you probably think of the all-American sport of baseball. Cooperstown is famously the place where the Baseball Hall of Fame resides. There’s so much history at this museum that even those who aren’t huge baseball fans will enjoy the trip to this national landmark. Baseball fans will definitely be in their glory!

After you spend a day at the Baseball Hall Of Fame, there’s still so much to explore. With parks, small museums and lakes, there’s plenty of beauty and history surrounding this New York gem. There’s even a peaceful Indian burial ground that you can visit for more rich history.

If you’re planning on coming to Cooperstown, you may want to consider staying at our beautiful Cooperstown Hotel. With easy access to everything that you and you family want to experience in the area, our location is perfect. Be sure to check out the pictures of our beautiful grounds as well. We are one of the oldest hotels in central New York, situated among picturesque natural beauty. For your convenience, our hotel has a fantastic restaurant that is right on the shores of Lake Canadarago.

Whether you’re coming for a vacation with your family or are bringing your entire baseball team as a token for a job well done, our hotel can accommodate your needs. We want you to experience the rich history of Cooperstown in style.