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A large holiday wreath with a red bow and white holiday lights hanging over the top of a wooden arch beneath a sign painted onto an old saw blade reading 'WELCOME TO THE LAKE HOUSE'
A man playing an electric keyboard at a sound system in the corner of a room in front of a wall with floral patterned wall, a framed painting behind his head, a padded chair and an amp in front of the keyboard

If you happen by the Lake House on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, you just might be fortunate enough to be gifted with a live performance coming straight out of the highest levels of the music industry. What’s more, you might find yourself inspired to persevere in your own creative endeavors.

The Lake House’s featured performer and director of music John Zov advises aspiring and struggling musicians never to give up and always to increase their their talent. Zov comes to upstate New York with a long background in the music industry that has taken him from the greater Pittsburgh area to Disney World’s EPCOT Center to Los Angeles to Nashville. Through producing four original albums, recording as a studio musician, and penning new songs about current topics, Zov has acquired a versatile skillset that he brings to his performances at the Lake House. Playing keyboard and singing vocals at the Lake House, Zov also plays piano, guitar, and accordion. During performances he entertains audiences with the standards – defined in his words as “the songs that are played almost forever” – but also relies heavily on his original work, saying that he plays a lot of semi-classical pieces.

“When you’re born with a gift, you need to promote it—and it is a gift,” Zov says. The veteran musician currently produces and writes through his company Quip Publishing, working with lyricist and vocalist Diane Ducey. He also works with PSE Recording Studio out of Cherry Valley. In doing so, he has done much to strengthen the local music and creative scenes. Today Zov says that he continues to pursue his dream, keeping an eye open for opportunities to work on new projects with other musicians.

Zov recorded his recent song “I Care About You” at the Lake House, and you can watch that session on Facebook and download the song from CDBaby. You can also access a playlist of Zov’s music on Jango.

John Zov plays for the Lake House most Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights beginning at 6:00 p.m. and concluding at 9:00 p.m.