Views from the Lake House

The Lake House Lodge and her sister properties treat visitors to vistas of natural beauty and rustic authenticity. Families visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown enjoy the home-like Lodge with its multifaceted historical and cultured adornments, while travelers find a convenient small-town way station at the Baseball Hotel and the nearby Townhouses within the antique village of Richfield Springs.

Guests staying at all properties have access to the pristine Canadarago Lake, the view of which graces customers who dine at the Lake House Restaurant, located at the Lodge.

  • The front of an old three-story building, a parking lot in front of it with a rustic painted wooden sign reading

    The main facility, the Lake House, appears much as it has since the 19th century. This is the original Lake House, now also refered to as the “Lodge” to distinguish it from its sister properties.

  • Guests sitting in wooden chairs on the grassy lawn overlooking a lake, two trees between them and the lake

    The Lake House is much more than just a hotel. People come to enjoy the scenery of the lakefront property, to dine at the Restaurant, and to participate in the variety of receptions, weddings, concerts, and other diverse events held here.

  • lake-dock-lodge.jpg: The shoreline of a lake, with boats moored by a long dock and at the shore, trees covering the shore line and partially obscuring a few buildings, a stage with a blue tarp for a roof set up on the very edge of the shore

    The Lake House is located directly on Canadarago Lake, with some of its associated rental buildings very near the waterfront.

  • A large white building with traditional angular architecture, a wide gravel driveway in the foreground

    The Lake House Lodge is only half of the equation. The associated properties of the Baseball Hotel and the Townhouses give us a strong presence within the community of Richfield Springs, about one mile up the road from the lake.

  • Old postcard showing a grainy photo of long white buildings surrounded by trees and neatly tended lawns, the caption above the photo reading 'TERRACE HOTEL AND SULPHUR BATHS, RICHFIELD SPRINGS, N.Y. 5'

    A proud part of the Church Street Historic District, the Baseball Hotel was known long ago as the Terrace Hotel, when it was run by a Jewish community that used to be located in Richfield Springs. The facility lay vacant for many years, before it was purchased by the Corrigan family. The three nearby buildings that historically served as the sulphur spring bathhouses are now the Townhouses.

  • Photo of Chef Michael Gregory wearing his white chef uniform and hat, holding a pastry on a plate, the kitchen behind him out of focus

    Executive Chef Michael Gregory brings his professional experience to his personal direction of all the affairs of the Restaurant, preparing his award winning specials for diners.

  • The back patio of a large three-story wooden building, with a long red-painted staircase leading up to the covered deck

    Owner Gene Corrigan has lately been using drone footage to explore lofty new views of the Lake House, operated by engineer Thomas Kearney.