A Lake House Wedding

When two people decide to make a lifelong commitment to each other and get married, the Lake House is the perfect place to create a memory which will last a lifetime. Take a look at the beautiful memories we made when our son Patrick married his sweetheart Sabina Fedrowitz on September 3, 2016.

  • A field before a lakefront arranged with chairs and wooden frame aisle for a wedding, the guests rising from their chairs and starting to walk away, some greeting the bride and groom near a wooden staircase leading up the grassy hill
  • A long, narrow wedding invitation printed on card stock paper with a blue ribbon on the top and a nautical wheel symbol displayed on the bottom, propped upright on a table next to a blue envelope
  • An outdoor wedding ceremony held on a grassy field with a few tall trees in front of the shore of a lake with a pier leading to a docked boat, the officiating clergyman standing before a wooden arch with a decorative naval wheel hanging from it, the groom standing next to him, an elderly couple descending a wooden staircase and coming toward the central aisle left open between the rows of white folding chairs
  • A round table set with a white tablecloth and various decorative items, including a wooden-framed lantern with a candle, a small globe, and a spyglass
  • A bride and a groom standing together and cutting into a tiered wedding cake, both smiling
  • A photoshoot of a bride and groom by the shore of a lake, a photography lighting umbrella set up in front of them, a photographer taking their portrait with a camera while another photographer stands by
  • A white piano set up on an outdoor platform beneath a tree within view of a lakefront, near a covered stage set with tables and full of people, a blue piano cover with the words
  • Seven men dressed in matching gray suits standing on a dock by a lake, six of them with white roses pinned to their suits and blue neck ties, the man in the center with a white rose and a yellow neck tie, a boy in suspenders and a white shirt with a red bowtie standing hands-in-pockets in front of the men
  • Chairs covered in white sheeting and wrapped with large green ribbons tied into bows behind them set around circular white-covered tables, beneath a large blue framed tarp
  • A small wooden crate full of paired sandals -- some pairs red and some pairs blue -- the two sandals of each pair bound together with ribbons, a sign in a wooden frame set in front of the crate reading,
  • A large tarp-covered canopy with a metal frame, lit by a row of spotlights mounted to the frame, the darkness of night outside, people standing and dancing inside, a man  by the small bar holding a beer bottle in his left hand an making a peace sign with his right hand
  • A man and a woman dressed in fromal clothing dancing, other couples dancing around them in the background, beneath a a framed pavilion with spotlights illuminating the dance floor from the edges of the metal frame
  • A large man in a gray vest, white shirt, and blue tie raising a fist in a jovial jesture, another man in a blue shirt in front of him making a similar gesture in his direction, behind him people hold drinks, a spiraling light effect rendering the image abstract
  • People dancing at a wedding reception under a pavilion at night, the bride and groom near the center smiling at other dancing couples, a photograhper standing at the back of the pavilion taking a picture of the bride and groom
  • A bride and a groom standing together next to a chef wearing his white chef uniform on a wooden deck at night, in the background a lit canopy pavilion and another, longer metal-framed pavilion standing out starkly against the night
  • People holding sparklers, a long-haired man in a gray vest and formal white shirt lighting someone else's sparkler with a blowtorch
  • People standing in an arch around an outdoor deck at night, holding flaring sparklers, an illuminated canopy pavilion in the background
  • A blue bottle sleeve and a red bottle sleeve, the blue one reading,
  • A motor boat full of men wearing matching gray suits, travelling across a lake toward the far side of the lake
  • A wedding photoshoot set at the shore of a lake at sunset, the two photographers and the couple silhoutted against the lake, a pier with a docked boat extending behind them, while the the groom leans in to kiss the bride
  • A family posing for a wedding photograph around the bride a groom, totally seven adults besides the couple, three children, and two infants; they stand on the grass in front of a lake, a pier extending out into the water

Corrigan Family Wedding

Tue. Oct. 11, 2016

Tue. Oct. 11, 2016

Tue. Oct. 11, 2016
  • A table at which a wedding party is seated, the groom raising a glass of champagne while a man to his right holds a microphone, the bride smiling toward the camera and holding her glass in front of her, two bridesmaids sitting beside her to her left
  • A bride and a groom holding hands and smiling at each other beneath an open-walled pavilion, eight people standing in a loose semicircle around them
  • An elderly woman wearing a blue dress embracing another elderly woman who is sitting in a wheel chair at a circle table on a grassy lawn, another table and several other people in the background
  • A bride, a groom, and a man from the wedding party raising their champagne glasses tother, a bridesmaid with microphone looking in the other direction
  • A bride grasping the hand of a formally dressed woman with who she stands back-to-back, other people dancing and holding beverages
  • People dancing under a pavilion at night, of the two couples in the foreground one of them are bride and groom, the bride laughing widely at a man in the foreground while the groom looks at him with wide-eyed feigned concern
  • A crowded pavilion at night, illuminated by spotlights mounted to the rim of the metal frame, the people socializing and slowly dancing, a white drone flying above their heads near the bars of the ceiling
  • Two men dancing independently beneath an illuminated pavilion at night, both dressed formally, one in shirt and tie and one in a dark vest with a white shirt as the groom from a wedding party, both men holding beer bottles as they dance, other people celebrating nearby
  • A bride and a groom dancing in a pavilion at evening, wedding guests mostly seated at tables nearby as they watch the couple or socialize
  • A bride and a groom kissing, people all around them holding lit sparklers, the groom also holding a sparkler in his right hand as well as a bottle in his left, the bride holding a bouquet of flowers
  • A man dressed formally for his wedding kneeling on the grass and shaking the paw of a brown dog that wears a comical paper tie attached to a rope around its neck
  • A bride and a groom cutting their tiered wedding cake, standing against each other and smiling
  • A wedding ceremony being performed on a lawn in front of a lake between two trees, white folding chairs set up on the lawn for the attendees, a wide aisle having been left between the rows of chairs, the bride and groom standing with a clergyman under a wooden arch
  • A bride and a groom standing together at a table, people from the wedding party seated to their right and left, the groom holding a microphone to speak
  • A bride dressed for her wedding, holding a small styrofoam plate with a slice cake in one hand and a beer bottle in the other hand, posing beside a chef who is working on cutting the white-frosted cake
  • A woman wearing bridal attire holding a small boy, two other women gathered nearby -- one of whom holds the boy's hand -- all standing under a crowded pavilion at night
  • A bride and a groom standing beneath a wooden arch outside beneath a blue sky and green grass and trees, the couple pouring sand into a jar decorated with a ribbon imprinted with anchor symbols, the groom's sand blue-colored, the bride's sand yellow-colored
  • A bride and a groom kissing, the groom supporting the bride in his arms, surrounded on a stage by people smiling and clapping
  • A boat containing six men dressed in identical gray suits, the man near the front of the boat pointing foreward. The boat rests in a lake, a distant hilly, tree-covered shoreline in the background
  • A man dressed in a formal suit for his wedding leaning with his back against a broad tree trunk, looking off to his left while on the other side of the tree to his right, the bride clasps his hand and kisses it
  • A bride with her back to a row of women beneath a pavilion at evening, a disco ball and mult-colored lights illuminating the space from the top of the celeing, the bride raising her arms  to throw her bouquet of flawers backward over her head

On September 3, 2016, we celebrated the perfect wedding. Our son Patrick Corrigan arrived by boat from across the lake to greet his bride Sebina Fedrowitz before she walked across the lawn with her dad to the arbor where they would get married next to the lake. They were married beneath an old ship’s wheel, creating a union of water, land, and sky. In the company of family and friends, a beautiful celebration began which lasted until the fireworks and the sparklers sent them off with the good wishes of all present.

Make your memories here – they will last a lifetime for you, too! Call today to start planning for your most special and beautiful day!