The Restaurant

Glass bottles of beer lined up on the white metal racks of a cooler, their glass surfaces cloudy with frost.

The Lake House always has a great selection of beer, sold by the bottle. Whether your taste favors European novelties, American staples, or central New York classics, you can find a good brew at the Lake House.

Beer List

Ommegang Brewery

Abbey Ale $5.99
Rare Vos $5.99
Three Philosophers $6.99
Nirvana IPA $5.99

Saranac Brewery

Legacy IPA $4.99
American Pale Ale $4.99
Sumer PILS $4.99
NY Local Weiss $4.99
Utica Club $3.99
Adirondack Lager $4.99

General Selection

Amstel Light $4.99
Blue Moon $4.99
Budweiser $3.99
Bud Light $3.99
Bud Light Lime $3.99
Coors Light $3.99
Corona Light $4.99
Corona $4.99
Founders Dirty Bastard $4.99
Heineken $4.99
Labatt Blue $4.49
Labatt Blue Light $4.49
Harvest Barn Ale $4.49
Miller Lite $3.99
Michelob Lite $3.99
Michelob Ultra $3.99
Sam Adams Lager $5.49
Country Pumpkin $3.99
SeaDog Raspberry $3.99
O'Doul's $3.99
Old Milwaukee $3.99
Sierra Nevada $4.99

Inventory changes regularly, and the availability of any particular item listed here is not guaranteed.