The Baseball Hotel

Room H

  • Two beds made up with striped bedspreads, positioned opposite each other against opposite walls, a shelf visible above the headboard of the leftmost bed
  • Two beds set against opposite walls, a small mirror in the wall beside the bed in the far wall
  • Long view of two beds separated by a narrow gap between the ends of the beds, their headboards against opposite walls, though one of the walls is not visible, behind the perspective viewpoint
  • Long view of two beds against opposite walls, a small television in the corner

Room H in the Baseball Hotel is a two-queen bedroom located on the first floor. Like all rooms in the hotel, it has a private bathroom and air conditioning.

Nightly Peak Season Price: $150

New York State sales tax of 8% and Otsego County Bed Tax of 4% are not included in displayed prices.

All reservations are final. In the event of a change in plans reservation dates may be rescheduled but not cancelled.