Lake House Units

On the grounds behind the Lake House Lodge, near the lakefront (but without individual lakefront acreage), several single or double-unit buildings offer travelers or vacationers flexible and spacious accommodations.

Nearest the Lake, the large three-bedroom Cottage specializes in weekly rentals for families or groups.

The Lake House’s newest lodging solution is a duplex unit located on the Canadarago Lake property behind the Lodge, within clear view of the lakefront. The two cabins combine the arboreal beauty of their surroundings with traditional hotel-style interior room design, making for a unique hybrid experience. An additional camper unit placed just beside the cabins offers a third opportunity to experience this unique spin on the concept of traditional hospitality.

  • A low wooden building with a sloping roof, two stairwatys leading to two doors in the front of the building, one tree in front of it and others overshadowing the roof with their foliage
  • The corner of a low wooden building with a sloping roof, surrounded by trees, one tree growing right beside the building's front right corner
  • A trailer so close between two trees that the trunks almost appear to be holding it up between them, pink flowers in the foreground barely obscuring the very far top-left part of the trailer
  • A trailer parked lengthwise beneath evergreen trees, a propane take standing upright beside it
  • Three steps surrounded by a simple flat-boarded wooden reailing leading to an entrance in the side of a wooden building, a table set with flower pots standing on the grass against the wall next to the entrance near a window
  • Two closed doors in the exterior of a wooden building, steps with simple wooden railings leading to both doors, a small table bearing a potted flowering standing on the grass against the wall between the two doors
  • The corner of a wooden building beside an evergreen tree, a few red steps with simple wood-board railings leading to a closed black-painted entrance door
  • A  flowerpot placed by the exterior wall of a wooden building, resting on crushed rock, in front of steps leading to the building's entrance
  • The side of a wooden building with three entrances, each with a few steps and a pair of simple wood-board handrails in front of them, a flowerpot on a table between the nearest and middle doors and a white fixture between the middle and furthest doors
  • A crushed-stone lane in an open, rural setting, a thick treestump in the foreground, a wooden building with a fan and an airconditioner in its two windows obscured from the lane by trees, a car and a distant lakefront in the background
  • A trailer obscured by thick evergreen branches hanging over it
  • A trailer between two trees, its end above the area where it could potentially be hitched to a vehicle emblazoned with the image of a dalmatian and the word 'Coachmen'
  • A trailer resting among trees, the ground around it covered in crushed stone, a car in the background behind the trees

Properties Near the Lake

The Cabins

Two beds with a nightstand between them bearing a glowing lamp, framed art hung on rough wooden-plank walls above each bed, a light fixture hanging down from the ceiling

Cabin 1

Peak Season Price: $175 Beds: 2 queens Note: Price includes optional breakfast at the Baseball Hotel
The corner of a room inside an open door with a key hanging from its lock, mirrors reflecting natural light against both walls of the corner, a dresser with folded towels on top of it beneath them, a bed beyond the corner in a secondary room, another bed partially visible far off to the right in the same room

Cabin 2

Peak Season Price: $175 Beds: 1 queen, 1 double Note: Price includes optional breakfast at the Baseball Hotel

Canadarago Camper

The narrow interior of a mobile home, with a couch and a wooden chest against opposite walls, a row of cabinets beneath wooden cupboards, a bed in a raised compartment behind the living area

Canadarago Camper

Peak Season Price: $150 Beds: 1 queen

The Cottage

Interior room with wood-paneled walls and a wooden floork separated from another room by a sliding glass door, containing two padded easy chairs situated to either side of a small endtable bearing a lamp, with three wood-backed chairs set around a small round table with a white tablecloth

The Cottage

Peak Season Price: $425 Beds: Note: May also be rented at $2,400 per week

New York State sales tax of 8% and Otsego County Bed Tax of 4% are not included in displayed prices.

All reservations are final. In the event of a change in plans reservation dates may be rescheduled but not cancelled.