Lake House Units

Canadarago Camper

  • A bed from a raised compartment with curtains bound tidly to the sides overlooking the interior of an apartment with marble wallpaper, bright sunshine, trees, and another building visible through the windows
  • A narrow apartment interior with a kitchen built into one wall, a small loveseat against the back wall next to an open bathroom door
  • A bed in a narrow crawlspace compartment just beneath the ceiling, a very narrow curtained window in the wall
  • The narrow interior of a mobile home, with a couch and a wooden chest against opposite walls, a row of cabinets beneath wooden cupboards, a bed in a raised compartment behind the living area
  • A sleeping area in a raised compartment, the bed with its bright floral-patterned bedspread taking up almost the whole space, narrow windows on both of the walls beside the bed
  • A black microwave mounted in a the wooden fixture of a wall, next to a small recessed refrigerator
  • A kitchenette featuring a narrow stove beside a sink, along one wall of a mobile home, a small couch in the background against the base of the wall, windows letting in sunlight that reflects brightly against the faucet
  • The bottom of a white shower stall with white curtains and an angular faucet

Together with the duplex cabins, Canadarago Camper completes the trinity of innovative hybrid lodging experiences located on the grounds of the Lake House near Canadarago Lake. This efficient mobile home is cared for with all the attention of traditional hotel accommodations. With a full, private kitchen, the Camper is among our best options for guests looking for privacy and independence. It also features a queen-sized bed.

Nightly Peak Season Price: $150

New York State sales tax of 8% and Otsego County Bed Tax of 4% are not included in displayed prices.

All reservations are final. In the event of a change in plans reservation dates may be rescheduled but not cancelled.