The Lake House Lodge

Short Stop Room

  • Large bed with a red patterned bedspread on one side of a room with a sloping wall adjoined to the ceiling, a futon against the lower wall opposite the bed

    A single bed in an alcove of a wood-paneled room, a window in the slanted ceiling casting daylight directly on to the bed’s gray sheets

  • A bed with a plain wooden headboard made up neatly with an octogon-patterned quilt against a wood-board wall, a round nightstand with a lamp beside it
  • An angular bedroom with wooden walls and flooring, a double bed made up with a quilted bedspread against one wall and a single bed with gray sheets against the other positioned perpendicular to the larger bed, beneath a window in the sharply angled wall

Lodge Room 12

Located on the third floor of the Lake House Lodge, Room 12 includes a queen bed and a day bed, as well as a private bathroom and a large shower.

Nightly Peak Season Price: $195 Nightly Off Season Price: $150

New York State sales tax of 8% and Otsego County Bed Tax of 4% are not included in displayed prices.

All reservations are final. In the event of a change in plans reservation dates may be rescheduled but not cancelled.