The Lake House Lodge

Mohican Room

  • A clock hung on a wall above a small wooden chair a long distance through a door beside a large bed with an elaborate high-posted headboard
  • A large bed with high posts -- made up with a bedspread depicting large, multi-colored flowers -- next to a lamp and a window with an air conditioner in the corner of the wall
  • A large four-post bed -- its bedspread depicting large flowers -- in the corner of a wood-paneled room with a mirror on the wall next to the door
  • A mirror in a wood-paneled bedroom opposite the side of a large bed, next to an open doorway leading to another room with lots of books in bookshelves
  • One side of a wood-paneled bedroom from behind the end of the high-posted bed, two framed artworks in the back wall behind a dresser with a small CRT monitor, next to a curtained window in the other wall
  • The corner of a bedroom beyond a bed with a patterned bedspread, with pastel floral wallpaper on wall one and dark wood paneling on the other, with a large artwork depicitng a lightning bolt striking an island in a purple-blue lake, next to a door, with a clock on the other wall next to a window
  • A large bed with a pastel-patterned bedspread, three small pillows lying on top of the covers, positioned in front of a wall with floral wallpaper matching the bedspread, with lamps mounted to the wall on either side of the bed
  • A wood paneleld hung with a painting of flowrs and a black-and-white sketch, a wooden dresser bearing a small CRT monitor positioned near it
  • A sink attached to a wood-paneled wall, beneath a mirror and next to a shower stall with a striped teal-blue-green curtain

Lodge Room 6

The Mohican Room is located on the second floor of the Lake House Lodge, above the restaurant.

Room 6 has two queen beds, along with air conditioning and a private bathroom.

Nightly Peak Season Price: $175 Nightly Off Season Price: $125

New York State sales tax of 8% and Otsego County Bed Tax of 4% are not included in displayed prices.

All reservations are final. In the event of a change in plans reservation dates may be rescheduled but not cancelled.